With over 80 years of combined real estate experience, we have studied our market thoroughly, providing our clients with a complete and comprehensive overview of the market and helping them make the best decisions for their wants and needs.


forward thinking

With how fast the commercial real estate industry changes we know it is easy to feel as though you are being left behind. We seek to alleviate this feeling through constant research and investigation of new technology, apps, and software that could be utilized to benefit our clients. As an example of this, our team has implemented the use of drones. Through the implementation of new technology such as drones, we are able to provide our clients with information they were unaware they could have access to.


Consisting of seven members, Bowler Retail Team works together to come up with the best solutions for our clients. From brainstorming solutions for drive aisle problems to deciphering the optimum tenant mix for a shopping center, we do not limit ourselves to the opinion of only one person.

Each member contributes uniquely to the team with their own unique strengths and because we work together, our clients gain access to all team members and their strengths.